Types of bobs ranging from the classic to the long bob

The short hair never goes out of fashion, either by providing practicality and modernity. The chanel can be used on all types of hair, from curly to straight. To choose the best for you, among the Different Types of Bobs, we will give you all the information you need about which one best suits each type of hair and face shape.


This haircut was popularized and named thanks to the French stylist Coco Chanel. It emerged in the early twentieth century. According to Rodrigo Ferreira, stylist at Studio W Higienópolis, it is characterized by being short and straight at the neck with or without a fringe. Currently, the hairstyle is also called Bob cut and has a series of "cousins" that have transformed the head of women such as the long bob and the choppy bob.

The diffusion of the hairstyle made it become synonymous with short hair , causing other cuts of the genre to be called chanel, such as asymmetric ones.

If you still have doubts about whether you should cut your hair or not, do not miss the following photos, surely they will help you to know what type of chanel cut is ideal for you.

Types of Chanel Haircuts

Choppy bob

This chanel has layers throughout its length. To give the impression of being longer, it is in the list of cuts that sharpen the chubby face.


Classic bob and full of style, this cut shows us the short hair at the neck and in a straight line. It can be used with or without bangs, being necessary to evaluate what is the ideal type of bangs for each face.

With strip

The chanel cuts may have stripes of various types that can be lateral or straight. However, the most important thing is to evaluate which one is correct for each face shape. For example, the classic chanel with bangs over the eyes is the most suitable for those who have oval or triangular features. Women with a chubby face can bet on cuts in which the front is more elongated.

In peaks

It is the inverted chanel , in which the front is longer than the nape provides a modern air. According to the hairdresser Rodrigo Ferreira, this cut falls well on those who have very little wavy or straight hair.


Excellent for giving lightness to the cut, the stripped chanel consists of irregular layers and is perfect for dense and heavy hair. Another possibility is to leave asymmetrical hair, which also gives it that irregular air. It is recommended for all hair types.

Long bob

The long bob was adopted by celebrities such as Marina Ruy Barbosa and Bruna Marquezine. Short in the neck and long in the front, it is similar to a beak chanel, only longer. Women with all types of face and hair can use the cut, but there are some factors to analyze before using the long bob, as it requires care and maintenance.

Pixie cut

The pixie is the shortest. By showing the face more, it enhances the nose and makes the large chin or ears visible. If your intention is to hide some part of your face, you better not opt ​​for this haircut. According to hairdresser Rodrigo Ferreira, it is indicated for triangular and oval faces.

Pixie Undercut

The pixie undercut consists of shorter or shaved hair on the sides and neck but with volume on the top. Just like the pixie cut , it highlights features of the face and should be used with caution by those who are uncomfortable with some detail of their face.

For curly, wavy and frizzy hair

Your stylist will know how to evaluate your type of face and hair to indicate the most appropriate chanel cut . In these cases, Rodrigo Ferreira opts for an irregular and modern cut.


This neck-level cut was adopted by some celebrities such as Juliana Paes, Giullia Buscacio, Taylor Swift and Jennifer Lawrence. The name has its origin in the trapezius muscle, which is where the cut ends. The look can have a stripped side bangs.